Become a KidzFirst Canada Ambassador

Join the KidzFirst Canada Ambassador Team as a volunteer & make a difference in the lives of young people!

The purpose of the KidzFirst Ambassador is to provide support to the Board of Directors, promote the vision and mission of KidzFirst Canada and to potentially cultivate the next generation of volunteers/partners for KidzFirst Canada. This group will consist of various individuals with unique backgrounds and experiences that will help drive KidzFirst Canada’s endeavors and help further our mandate within the community.

  • Providing the Executive Director and Board of Directors with various fundraising ideas.
  • Planning and execution of various events.
  • Sourcing out additional partnerships and donors.
  • Sourcing out vendors for various charity events.
  • Keeping the social media aspect of the charity up to date.
  • Help with materials, evaluations or metrics.
  • Planning special events for the students and families that are being assisted within the community.
  • Building relationships within the community and local companies in the community to garner further support and recognition.
  • Providing support to the Board of Directors and providing feedback on various ideas that have been discussed within the Board of Directors and putting these ideas into action.

Under the leadership of the core members of the KidzFirst Canada Ambassadors program and the board of KidzFirst Canada, this pool of volunteers will help organize and drive many of our events throughout the year. Due to the nature of our organization, all volunteers and members of our Ambassador program will be required to undergo a criminal record check upon acceptance of their application.

Volunteer applications will be reviewed by the board for KidzFirst Canada; all accepted applicants will then be contacted.
If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador of the KidzFirst Canada and help our organization make a difference in the lives of young people, please fill out the attached application and contact us at

Please note; this position is all about what you are comfortable with and have time to assist with. We want every volunteer to be engaged where they think they can help and make a difference!