The KidzFirst Canada Leadership Giving Family was created in 2014 to honor the generous individuals who provide an annual outright gift of $500 or more to help meet the challenges we face.  KidzFirst Canada premiere recognition club, the KidzFirst Canada Leadership Giving Family is comprised of friends who share the belief that all youth deserve an opportunity to become leaders, empower others and support peers through anti-bullying education.

Any individual who provides an annual outright gift or gifts totaling $500 or more in a 12-month period is recognized in the Leadership Giving Family. Some friends pay in quarterly or monthly installments; others give a one-time gift each year. These are direct gifts to KidzFirst Canada programming, and are not related to special events, tickets sales or other premiums.

If you are interested in making a leadership gift, or want to learn more about the KidzFirst Canada Leadership Giving Family, contact Board Chair Mark  at 604-219-1422 or

Join the Leadership Giving Family

Friends contributing at the Leadership Giving Family level are making a vital difference—creating solutions that change lives.  You can become a member of the KidzFirst Canada Leadership Giving Society on several different levels:

What is Legacy Giving?

Simply put, legacy giving is a form of charitable giving that allows you to make a gift to KidzFirst Canada in the future without substantially affecting your income today. The gift is established today, with the actual delivery to KidzFirst Canada at some point in the future.

Why Create a Legacy Gift?

Canadians create a legacy gift for many different reasons — for some it is a reason to ensure their memory lives on, for many it is a way to ensure KidzFirst Canada  is able to continue their important work and for others, it represents a way to facilitate the tax implications that come with the transfer of one’s estate to surviving relatives.

What better way to thank the organization that has had an impact on your life, or the life of someone you love, than to make a contribution from your estate?  By creating a legacy, you are making a significant contribution to the future sustainability of the work that is most meaningful to you.

A legacy gift can also be a very practical addition to your financial or estate plan — in most cases, the tax burden left to relatives is lifted significantly.  Your professional advisor can teach you how giving may actually benefit your family after you are gone.

Gifts large and small are important — charitable giving is not just for the wealthy!  Everyone who supports KidzFirst Canada is at a different stage of his or her life — and able to give at a different level. Whatever your specific situation may be, we can help you find a legacy giving option that suits your circumstances.

If you would like to make a gift to KidzFirst Canada or want to discuss the opportunities available, please contact Mark Mahl at 604-219-1422 or


The most popular form of legacy gift, a bequest is a gift that you make to KidzFirst Canada through your will. It allows you to support KidzFirst Canada’s mission, while not touching the assets and funds that you need now.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance are the 2nd most popular legacy gift. There are two main ways to give a gift of life insurance: you can name KidzFirst Canada as the beneficiary of the policy or as the owner and beneficiary of the policy. This type of gift allows people of modest means to make a gift of sizable proportions with only a small annual or monthly payment. In addition, there is a tax credit available for immediate tax relief.


By donating securities that have increased in value since their purchase, the donor reduces the income tax they would pay for cashing in the security and receives a receipt for the full market value of the security.


You can name KidzFirst Canada as a direct beneficiary for your RRSP, RRIF, or Canada Pension assets and receive tax benefits as a result.

Give at Work


Many employers recognize the value in supporting employee donations to impactful organizations, such as KidzFirst Canada.  Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift!


Inquire with the Human Resources Department of your company to see if they participate in a matching gift program.


If your company participates in a matching gift program, obtain their Matching Gift Form and complete the first section that is reserved for the “Donor”.


Send your completed form to: KidzFirst Canada at 14012 – 1780 West Broadway Vancouver, BC, V6J1Y1.


Once received, we will verify the information and complete the section marked “Organization”. Please note: we may contact you for additional information during this verification. When completed, we will send the Matching Gift form to your employer.


Your company will then process the request and send a check to KidzFirst Canada.


When received, we will apply the matching gift to your event contributions.

Supporting a charity through employee fundraising has excellent benefits for both the company and its staff. Besides raising invaluable funds to support KidzFirst Canada, you help us achieve our vision of a world where all youth find their voice, achieve their goals, and unleash their full potential.  Through employee fundraising, you can:

  • Motivate employees

  • Increase teamwork

  • Create a positive workplace atmosphere

  • Give employees the opportunity to develop new skills

Be adventurous and have some fun with your fundraising campaign. Consider some of the following fundraising ideas to get you started:

  • Dress down day: Make a donation to KidzFirst Canada and avoid wearing your business suit or uniform for the day!

  • Bake Sale: Invite employees to donate home baked goods and host a coffee and bake sale for your colleagues.

  • Interoffice Challenge: Plan a healthy sporting competition, poetry slam or other team building activity that all company employees can participate in that will both help raise awareness and much needed funds to help our youth lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world.

  • Cash Donations (gifts of cash, cheques, electronic funds transfers, payroll deductions): This can be done through our Secure Online Donation Form or by submitting a cheque with the appropriate donation form.

  • Gifts in Kind (tangible goods, artwork, services)

  • Life insurance policies

  • Bequests

  • Land

  • Sponsor Events

For information about KidzFirst Canada sponsorship/partnership opportunities, please contact our Board Chair for more information at or call 604-219-1422.