The Give It Up For Kidz Challenge

Every day there are young people that go without an opportunity to experience, succeed, taste or reach their goals of empowerment. Everyday young people all over Canada face unimaginable challenges, are bullied, told they can’t, or make sacrifices.
From February 15th-29th KidzFirst Canada Board Members are going to experience a small fraction of what it means for vulnerable youth to go with out, and face tough situations.  For a two week period the KidzFirst Canada Board Members have chosen specific challenges that they will either give up something routine & important in their lives and/or do something that they have not done before that is out of their comfort zone.
Give it for Kidz Challenge Board Members
This is a small token of understanding and sacrifice that can’t measure up to the day to day  challenges vulnerable youth endure , but we are hoping you will join the KidzFirst Canada “Give it Up 4 Kidz! Challenge” by donating online, or on behalf of a Board Member by clicking here.
Money raised will go to supporting existing and new after-school and vulnerable youth initiatives all over Canada!
Won’t you take the KidzFirst Canada Give it Up 4 Kidz Challenge, help us make a difference in a young person’s life!

The Board Members' Challenges

Mark Mahl Give it up for kidz challenge
Mark Mahl – Board Chair: My 2 week challenge is no watching sports or checking things out on an app, newspaper etc. Very tough to do as I do like my sports! I am also not having any dairy, AND I am going to do 30 minutes of activity every day. Click to donate to support Mark
Jeremy Irla - give it up for kidz challenge
Jeremy Irla – Vice-Chair: I will be giving up SUGAR! Support Jeremy by donating here
Matt Collinge – Secretary: My 2 week challenge is to not eat any cookies or baked goods. As you may know, I am a Cookie MONSTER! Donate here to support Matt.
Craig Fenton give it up for kidz
Craig Fenton – I will be giving up TV shows as that is my one past time. As some of you know I have watched 400+ days worth of TV in my lifetime has. Click here to donate and support Craig
Stephen Kelly KidzFirst Canada
Stephen Kelly – For the Give It Up 4 Kidz Challenge Stephen is going to go the gym for the first time in 25% and will also reduce his alcohol consumption by 60%.  Click here to donate and support Stephen.
tiani lowes give it up for kidz challenge
Tiani Lowes – For the Give It Up 4 Kidz Challenge Tiani is going to give up cheese.  Click here to donate and support Tiani.
Heather give it up for kidz challenge
Heather Johnson – For the Give It Up 4 Kidz Challenge Heather is going to give up caffeine.  Click here to donate and support Heather.
Ashley Smith KidzFirst Canada Board Member
Ashley Smith – For the Give It Up 4 Kidz Challenge Ashley is going to walk or run at 15,000 steps every day.  Click here to donate and support Ashley.
fahreen bhimani give it up for kidz challenge
Fahreen Bhimani – For the Give It Up 4 Kidz Challenge Fahreen is going to give up Starbucks.  Click here to donate and support Fahreen.