KidzFirst Canada will offer a comprehensive, inclusive program that will assist vulnerable youth, empower their future and develop the ability to combat bullying and become leaders in their communities.

The program will include after-school instruction, camp opportunities, development in the arts, activity, animal rescue and seniors education.

  • —Plan is to start in Vancouver & New Westminster Elementary Schools.

  • —Start with a combination of grade 2 & 3 students.

  • —Develop co-ed teams with 10-12 students per team.

  • —8-10 week program, fall & spring sessions, 4 days a week for 1.5-2 hrs per day. (Spring, Winter & Summer Camps)

  • Add addtional students at every grade level each session, adding new grade 2’s every year to the team structure.

  • —Once the first set of students reach grade 8, have them continue and learn to become mentors and leaders in the program.

  • —Hire contract/volunteer coaches for programming, with a Program Director guiding the teams.

  • —Expand grades, additional schools, school districts, cities, provinces, countries in the future.

  • Assisting individuals & programs with necessary funding to particpate or send youth to events, activities & programs
  • Assisting ages 6-17
To apply for individual, group or program assistance please fill out the application form and send back to KidzFirst Canada
Applications will be accepted for all or partial funding.

Download an application here.

Stay tuned for KidzFirst After-school progamming in your community!