In these challenging times, people in Canada and around the world are doing what they can to self isolate, physically distance, and be kind to our each other and ourselves. Amazing work is being done every day by healthcare professionals, first-responders, grocery staff, sanitation workers, bus drivers, pharmacists, government staff, postal workers, teachers, charities and so many more. This challenging time has created a positive opportunity for all of us to come together and help each other.

Young people are being faced with anxiety, questions, vulnerability, and concerns around meal security, health, learning and employment. KidzFirst Canada strives to help young people empower their communities and create positive environments for them.

We are humbled to announce two significant donations to assist two very important meal security programs for vulnerable youth dealing with homelessness, addictions, and essential service items for them and their families in this challenging time. In addition, we are also contributing funds to supply and support a very important Crisis Arts program through Covenant House. Their Arts Crisis program is essential to the development and mental health of vulnerable youth.We are encouraging everyone to help your local charities, make a donation and help us support young people in these challenging times. With everyone coming together, while physically distancing, we can get through this and create hope for those young people who are even more vulnerable during these uncertain times. Help KidzFirst Canada “Put Kids First!”

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