10 Easy Steps…

1. Decide what type of event is right for you…

  • Brainstorm with friends, family, co-workers.

  • Contact us for a list of suggestions and event templates.

  • Think of who will most likely attend your event…who is your target audience?

2. Set your fundraising goal!

  • How do you plan on reaching your financial goal?

  • Outline a realistic budget considering all costs associated with running your event…don’t forget that your event expenses do take away from your donation.

3. Choose a date!

  • Take into consideration how much time you need to plan your event.

  • Remember your target audience when deciding the event time and date.

4. Fill out the KidzFirst Canada event form…

  • Fill out the Third Party event form.

  • Give us a call…we want to know all about your event!

5. Recruit help…

  • Establish a planning committee.

  • Look to friends, family and co-workers for help in planning and event execution.

  • Create sub-committees if applicable.

6. Promote your event…

  • Determine your audience & market your event to them.

  • Flyers, posters, brochures, invitations, tickets & email are all great marketing tools.

  • KFC must approve all print material & logo use on all publications.

  • We reserve the right to change the use of our logo to ensure we are being represented appropriately.

  • We want our name out there & are happy to work with you.

  • We can suggest ways in which our name can be used.

7. Event logistics…

  • Whether big or small, some planning will be needed to run a successful event

  • Event day is always a challenge so planning is your key to success.

  • Create a timeline.

  • We would be happy to provide some insight-contact us for suggestions and tips.

8. Making your donation…

  • Please submit all funds to KidzFirst Canada no later than 30 Days after your event.

  • Please allow for 2-4 weeks for receipt processing if applicable.

9. Thank everyone…

  • This is the number one thing to remember!!

  • Acknowledge everyone who participated in your event, let them know how much their support meant to you & how much you appreciated their help.

  • Let them know how much was raised.

  • We can also help…so please contact us for details how.

10. Congratulate yourself!

  • Taking on the challenge of hosting your own fund raising event is not an easy thing to do-we recognize the challenges you will face & appreciate all your support!

  • Every donation helps vulnerable youth through the KidzFirst Canada after school program.

  • Your commitment to being creative & having fun while supporting an important mission makes you an amazing person & we thank you!

  • Be proud of your success & feel good that you have contributed in a young person’s life!

You can make a difference!

Let us know how we can help…